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The mission of the Paris CineFest is to discover, foster and support independent artists in film, theater and music through educational or artist programs, and by providing a platform for artists to share their stories with the world.


The International Paris CineFest Film Festival and Awards was founded as an effective contest and awards. It is offered to short and indie projects to advance the careers of new writers and filmmakers.


We began discussing the idea of launching such a festival and were soon joined by industry veterans whose contributions made the concept a reality and The International Paris CineFest Awards was born.


The International Paris CineFest Awards, it is one of the few film festival contests providing writers and filmmakers with the assistance needed to produce and expose their projects and then continue on to other major film festivals around the world.


By becoming a part of the The International Paris CineFest Awards you will be joining a growing number of professionals in the entertainment industry who are recognized for supporting other artists and have the excitement of participating in a Film Festival that is destined to become a springboard for many of tomorrow’s top filmmakers.


“Roll Camera, and ACTION...”


Philip Marcus, Maria Marcus


The International Paris CineFest Awards

The International Vegas CineFest Awards

The International Hollywood CineFest Awards

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International Paris CineFest

Film Festival and Awards

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